Why You Shouldn’t Use TJ Maxx Online

The reason may surprise you.

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, TJ Maxx is king. Often, you’ll hear from your friends, your mother, or even your brother about how they recently went to TJ Maxx and found brand-name items for a fraction of the cost. It’s frequently considered a treat to take a trip to TJ Maxx with your friends and to leave with what felt like endless bags of goodies and nick knacks. From the 70’s onward, the department store has made the names of Macy and Boston Store quake in their shoes at how low-priced and convenient they were offering the same items (the latter store now out of business – possibly because of this).

TJ Maxx shopping

TJ Maxx shopping at the actual store has its benefits – being able to try on clothing, seeing unique items that you may not find anywhere else, and being able to hold the item in your hand and see it in reality are just a few. Of course, shopping at the store – or any store, for that matter – has its setbacks. Finding parking, waiting in line, potential for items to not be in stock can all take what was meant to be a fun jaunt to TJ Maxx and make it unbearable.

In 2009, TJ Maxx decided to journey into the world of online shopping to address these issues. Starting with just selling handbags, the company quickly grew to a full-fledged online department store, compared to the likes of Walmart and Amazon. Despite this, however, nothing can certainly beat going into the actual store and getting that full TJ Maxx experience.

Or can it?

TJ Maxx in the USA

TJ Maxx saw its first store open in 1976 under the Zayre nameplate in Framingham, Massachusetts. After changing to its own corporation in 1988, it became the sister store to Marshalls and has since opened 1,241 locations across the United States. While known as TJ Maxx in America, the store can also be found in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Poland, Austria, and The Netherlands as TK Maxx. While TJ Maxx in the USA and Marshalls are considered sister companies, TJ Maxx is considered the more upscaled version, along with having more fine jewelry and accessory options.

TJ Maxx fashion

Within certain TJ Maxx stores, you can find a personal TJ Maxx fashion brand entitled “The Runway”. This foray into high-end fashion includes designer-brand products, jewelry, and clothing at a fraction of the cost. Currently floral dresses, pastel blues and pinks, and fun summer wedges dominate the collection from the likes of Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Rag + Bone – all for much less than what would be expected.

And the best part of all? This collection, along with everything else TJ Maxx sells, can be found entirely online.

Where to shop?

While TJ Maxx prides itself in providing a great atmosphere and shopping experience in its brick-and-mortar standings, the store really shines in the online realm. Sure, you can go into any of the TJ Maxx branches to try on garments to make sure they fit or hold sheets and pillows to check how they feel – TJ Maxx knows this. That’s why, right at the top of the website on any page, the words “free returns at your local store” shine brightly (along with an enticing discount code). Instead of transitioning entirely to online or trying to fight the progression of online shopping, TJ Maxx in America embraces shopping both online and off and make them work together. From ordering a dress online, to exchanging it at a physical store, both versions of TJ Maxx work in tandem, not against each other.

Where to shop in TJ Maxx?

Along with this genius idea of marrying the online and physical stores, TJ Maxx’s online shop is incredibly neat and organized – something that cannot always be said for the physical shop. Each of the TJ Maxx categories has a drop-down menu of subcategories that are easy to read and, despite all the options, doesn’t feel overwhelming. Instead of spending time wandering around a store trying to find what you’re looking for and getting distracted, you can go straight to the product you want – this convenience is something TJ Maxx online prides itself on. Have the items shipped to your home in ten days or less – or, have them shipped to you closest TJ Maxx store and pick them up that day. Again, instead of fighting online vs. offline, TJ Maxx stores use the two at their disposal to work together.

TJ Maxx online shop

So, what exactly can you buy at TJ Maxx online? Men and women’s apparel, items for children, shoes, handbags, jewelry, beauty items, decorations for the home – anything you can think of, really. There are even sections that allow you to shop by certain categories (for example, you can find in the “New Arrivals” drop-down menu a section for summer clothing, items made in Italy, and linen-specific clothing). Even TJ Maxx’s clearance section is divided by how much percentage off items are – making it way too easy to find the best deals on your favorite items. Worried about shipping? Sign up for their e-mail list upon first visit for free shipping, or have the item delivered to your local TJ Maxx store and pick it up before the end of the week!

TJX Rewards credit card

TJX Rewards credit cardWant to take your TJ Maxx loyalty up a notch? Sign up for a TJX Rewards credit card right on the website! You’ll get 10% off your first purchase, and you can check bills and pay your balance all in one place. You can also get 5% back in rewards when shopping at any TJX store (Marshalls, Sierra, Home Goods, Homesense, and of course TJ Maxx), and you’ll be on the list for exclusive parties and events. TJ Maxx knows they have something good, and they want to show their appreciation to their customers in any way they can, whether online or off.

TJX Rewards credit card

Experience with TJ Maxx

Personally speaking, I’ve never had a bad experience with TJ Maxx. I typically go to the store because there’s something magical about wandering around a TJ Maxx with a friend or your mom, looking at all the cute clothing or beautiful decorative items that you otherwise might not find or be able to afford. I will acknowledge, however, that TJ Maxx is doing an incredible job of taking that feeling and re-creating it online. The presence is warm and welcoming, while being unintimidating. They know they’ve got a good thing under the TJ Maxx brand, and they want to continue to emulate that as shopping progresses further and further online.

So, yes, I may have duped you with the title – but now you know the true beauty of shopping on TJ Maxx online. The next time you have to make a run there, consider instead the relaxing experience of getting that TJ Maxx shopping feeling in the comfort of your own home.

Do you shop at TJ Maxx more online or offline? What are your experiences with TJ Maxx? Let us know in the comments!